Tips for Your Website Logo

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If your website is your online presence, then your logo is without a doubt the face of your company on the web. Yes, it is that important! Getting your logo right means designing a face for your business that people trust, like, and want to do business with. Getting it wrong means the opposite.

It’s easy to see, therefore, that getting your logo right is very important to your online success, but are there any specific rules you should remember? Certainly, and here are the top three:

Simplicity Rules

Think of all the truly great logos you’ve seen – the Nike Swoosh, Coca Cola’s iconic white on red, EBay’s multi colored letters. All of these have one thing in common – they are not cluttered with clip art pictures or distracting graphics. They are clean, simple, easy to remember and unique.

That is what you want in a logo! Never use complicated graphics, and if you’re considering clip art – think again – it will always look unprofessional. Images in a graphic should be a suggestion or a pared down version of the item you are representing.

Make sure whatever you choose is not clichéd though. Some graphics and concepts have been done to death, and your font will look tired and recycled if you use them. Think outside the box, and come up with a unique representation for your company, or, if all else fails, get a professional to do it for you!

side note...stay away from Clip Art....stay away from Clip Art

Consider Your Font Carefully

The font you choose for your logo, like your graphics, should be clear and easy to read. If people can’t make out the name of your company, they are unlikely to remember it are they?

That having been said, try to avoid using the common built in fonts on Windows! Font’s in a common font like Arial or Impact scream amateur, and can make a perfect good logo look thrown together. There are plenty of font sites online where you can get free fonts, or you can pay for commercial fonts. Either way, look for something a little different.

By designing a clear, remarkable and memorable logo for your site, you make sure that you visitors will remember your name. Spend some time and go to a little effort, and you should end up with an amazing logo!

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